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While there are digital helpers to provide the cyclist with important information, there are also great tools, computer applications that can help the biker find the best buy for bicycle accessories like bicycle bottle cages.

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4 Bike Computers For The Avid Cyclists

Whether a classic bicycle, mountain bike , racing bike or e-bike – the bike is considered to be the means of transport of the future. However, even the most expensive bikes have not yet arrived in the digital age: unlike cars or motorcycles, they do not provide any information about the speed ridden or the distance covered. Regardless of the type of bike, this convenience can easily be retrofitted: with a bike computer. The digital helpers offer bikers a wide range of important information such as speed, planned route, temperature, heart rate and location.

Sigma Sport bike computer

The Sigma Sport bike computer is equipped with a 2.7 cm long and 3.7 cm wide DOT matrix display. The case measures 5.32 centimeters high x 4.03 centimeters wide x 1.22 centimeters deep. The cycle computer offers 14 different functions that can be shown on the display. In addition to classic bicycle functions such as a display of the speed or the kilometers traveled (odometer), this includes six altitude functions and two cadence functions. The bike computer also shows the altitude profile, the incline percentage (difference in altitude) and the temperature.

According to the manufacturer, anyone who uses two bicycles can set the bicycle speedometer to both bicycles, which it automatically detects. The setting should be made via the tire size. There are predefined tire sizes from 16 to 29 inches, but manual entry in millimeters should also be possible. In addition to current values, the bike computer should display statistics for the last 12 months in a so-called training diary and thus support training goals.

FORTRY cycle computer

The Fortry cycle computer combines a waterproof design and a total of 16 useful functions. The sensor works without a cable, so no annoying cables are necessary between the sensor, which can be attached to the front wheel, and the bike computer. The IP54 specification ensures that it functions even when it rains. The LCD display is backlit so that it can be read in the dark.

The manufacturer states that the cycle computer is compatible with most types of bicycles, such as racing bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes or trekking bikes. It can be controlled with two buttons and shows, among other things, the following values:

Distance traveled
Maximum speed achieved
Average speed

SPGOOD cycle computer

The SPGOOD bike computer is a wireless, classic bike computer for measuring speed, travel time and distance covered. It has an LCD with a green backlight, which should enable the data displayed to be easily visible even in poor lighting conditions – for example in a long tunnel or when driving at night. A total of 16 functions are available including the normal bike functions, including a stopwatch. The bike computer is protected against water and dust according to protection class IP54.

The bike computer has an automatic switch-off function when the bike is parked for a longer period of time. This should protect the integrated battery . According to the manufacturer, it switches itself back on immediately when it starts rolling, the sound that sounds comes from a built-in scroll switch and is intentional. The scope of delivery of the bike computer includes a sensor, a magnet, four cable ties, a rubber band, a mounting bracket and an instruction manual.

Montop cycle computer

The Montop cycle computer has a motion sensor which, according to the manufacturer, works by pressing the display buttons or moving the bike. If the device is not used for a longer period of time, it switches to sleep mode, which is automatically canceled when it is used again. The wireless bike computer can be mounted on an outside bracket and a handlebar bracket using a quick-release fastener. The model is equipped with a 3-inch LC display with background lighting and a switch between day and night mode.

The bike computer from the comparison offers a total of 20 functions, including measurement of speed, time, temperature and distance traveled. According to the manufacturer, all functions can be operated using two buttons or a touchscreen. Other functions of the bike computer are:

Calorie counter
Estimated Time of Arrival
Digital clock with 12 or 24 hour mode
Trigger timer
The model comes with two brackets with screws, a magnetic sensor, a wireless sensor plus rubber, four cable ties and a multilingual manual in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

How to properly install a bike computer