Basic Guide to IPTV Freezing Issue

Even though IPTV streaming is a convenient way to watch a lot of premium material, it can sometimes have technical problems. Most of the time, people have problems with their IPTV because it buffers, freezes, or gets stuck on waiting screens for too long. This has led a lot of people to wonder why their IPTV keeps looping or freezing.

Why Does IPTV Pause Sometimes?

The main reason your IPTV loops or freezes is that the server that your IPTV service is using is very busy at that moment. It’s likely that everyone else who is having trouble with buffering or freezing on a certain station also has the same IPTV provider.

How to Fix Common IPTV Problems Like IPTV Freezes and Loops

The IPTV issue above seems unchangeable by any solution. The good thing is that you can try few things to resolve such problem on your IPTV and to diminish the pauses you may encounter.

1-Set the signal to 5.0 GHz

Checking your device setting of 2.4 GHz is actually the easiest way to resolve the loops or pauses encountered on IPTV. If so, try setting the WiFi signal to 5.0 GHz. This might make the connection stronger. Many new IPTV services work better on 5.0 GHz. This could speed up loading times based on your set-top box and service provider.

2. Connect via wired rather than wireless when there are freezes or long loads.

Another thing to remember is that you might want to choose a wired Ethernet link over a wireless one.There are antennas inside or outside of most set-top boxes, but they might not always give you the best link, especially if your router is far away.

It is always best to use a wired Ethernet link if you can.

This will make your internet connection much more stable, with fewer drops, loads, loops, and freezes.

3. Look for any downloads active at the same time.

If computers, game systems, or other devices on your router’s network are downloading something, you should stop or pause those processes. They could be using too much of the internet, which is stopping your stream from loading properly. You can use a Wi-Fi Blocker to make it even easier to filter the internet.

4. To get around ISP throttling, use a VPN.

You should check with your internet service provider if you’ve made sure all of your network links are working and your IPTV provider isn’t having any problems with their servers.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that there’s always something you can do to fix IPTV freezes and loops. Yes, your IPTV stream probably could be better. You could try making changes to how your computer is set up or adding a VPN to it. That way, you won’t need any effective tech support session.