Building a Secure and Efficient Workplace

Example of an efficient workplace

Business PCs are worth the investment.

When asked about their top concerns, only a handful of clients suggested that BYOD (bring your own device) was an important issue. This information may indicate that, although security is essential, companies are confident in implementing software-improved customer products and are instead focusing on data and network center methods to address security issues.

When it comes to security, you are only as strong as your weakest link. That’s why Intel recommends an end-to-end approach. Although BYOD and customer options have increased, every precaution should be taken, and they are still several steps below a genuine enterprise PC based on Intel® vPro™ technology.

Secure systems can help maintain business operations by preventing problems, whether it’s spyware that can cripple a system or a hacker trying to access sensitive information. However, the benefits of the latest computers based on Intel® vPro™ technology don’t stop there.

Business PCs offer contact processing to reduce the end time of many tasks and a wide range of form factors to match the best system for the job. Additionally, two significant productivity improvements have been implemented with Intel® Pro WiDi for managed and secure displays and Intel® Wireless Docking so that mobile workers don’t need to connect and reconnect PC peripherals every time they leave their desks.

Consider that today’s business computers offer high-end solid-state devices that enable new features and fast full-disk encryption, such as virtual fencing and securely managed containers. Mobile devices are undoubtedly used for both personal and work purposes, and separating these sides helps keep business data safe. Business PCs provide enhanced multi-factor authentication, from smartcard readers to biometrics and one-time codes, all designed to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.